Say goodbye to lashes

that don't last longer than 2 weeks.

Discover the Secrets

TO Long-Lasting Lashes

Discover the Secrets to amazingly long-lasting lashes that will boost your abilities, up-level your client retention and

increase your profits.

Create Lashes that will last for

up to 8 weeks.

Better Lash Retention | Happy Clients| Amazing Profits

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Dear Lash Artist,

Does any of this apply to you...

Dear Lash Artist,

Does any of this apply to you...

Your clients complain that their lashes are not lasting long enough between infills.

The freshly applied lashes are popping off as you brush through them & You don't feel like your attachment is on


You are lacking confidence in seamless lash application that will create long-lasting lash sets for your clients.

And sometimes you are getting complaints and even loose clients and $$ because your retention sucks.

I totally get it. I have been there.

It's not your fault!

I had poor training when I first started out, which never showed me how to create long-lasting lashes. I wasn't able to keep any client's for more than 1 or 2 refills.

It took me 11 years of lash experience and teaching myself over the years what works and what doesn't, how to retain clients and make this an actual profitable business.

The good thing is, that after all this time I figured it all out: Retention in lashes, as well as in client's.

And now I wanna share these "secretes" with you.

Welcome to "Retention Secrets"

Welcome to "Retention Secrets"


Beginner to avanced

Challenge Level




Hours of Coursework

You’ll Learn…

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The 4 rules of attachment in Classic & Volume lashing

>These 4 rules are a non-negotiable if you would like to achieve amazing retention & they will help you to perfect your application to create long-lasting lashes.

>Finally something that will work time and time again and take the guessing game out of lashing.

How to manipulate and use any lash adhesive

>Lash Adhesive 101. The good, the bad and the ugly.

>Regulate your room and surroundings to make your lash adhesive faster or slower setting and do the work for you.

>Learn extensive Cosmetic Chemistry and why sometimes your adhesive works and sometimes it simply doesn't.

>No more freaking out! You can be confident and know how to regulate it to make it work every single time.

what & How to Teach Clients about correct before & aftercare.

>Got any difficult to manage clients that simply don't listen to you?

>Have you ever wanted to fire your client but don't know how?

>Discover these proven ways to speak to your clients and explain about aftercare.

>Learn about difficult to manage clients and what you can do to manage their expectations, without feeling overwhlmed and shy. Your client's will finally listen to you. And if they don't, you know how to approach the situation.

Dipping and application

>HD Videos will show you correct dipping and application with Classic Lashes, Hand-made Russian Volume Lashes, Pre-Made Fans, as well Easy Fan lashes.

>No more guessing game. You will finally be super confident to always get the correct amount of adhesive and use >the perfect application techniques to ensure a long-lasting bond for up to 8 weeks. Winning!

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Why listen to me?

Hi, I am Julia. Founder of Lash Tribe.

Although I have been a Lash Artist since 2010 and eventually build a successful lash business, it certainly didn't start out that way.

I attended a very basic training course back in the day, where I wasn't even taught how to clean the lashes or how to safely lash, without damaging the natural lashes.

I would get a client in after only one week and her lashes had fallen out or twisted badly. I simply wasn't taught enough to even understand correct application, prepping of the lashes or how differnt curl attachments worked.

And because of my lack in retention, I wasn't able to keep any clients for more than 1 or 2 refills.

No wonder though, because once I finished my mediocre training course I was left to my own devices.

No support, no videos to watch, no knowledge in manuals to read up on.

I had to figure it out all on my own.

And I did.

But man, it was a process..

Fast forward 11 years

In those last years as a Lash Artist, almost 6 years as a Trainer, building a global 7-figure Lash Academy, as well as develop Lash Tribe's own range of professional lash products, I have found the perfect application methods and wanna share them with you now.

In fact, this is my 11th online course since starting to teach from 2016.

Through my worldwide travels and our many award winning online and in person training courses, I was able to train over 3270 Lash Artists worldwide and have developed proven methods by watching and researching other lash artists mistakes, as well as their successes when it comes to lashing and retention.

Even though I have been teaching these methods in our in depth courses for years, I found that the industry was lacking a stand alone retention based training course that could quickly help them to see amazing results in their application.

And that is exactly what this new course delivers.

Many other courses simply don't teach this BASE KNOWLEDGE that is so needed to run a successful lash business with decent profits and happily returning clients.

I am confident that this course will help you gain the knowledge needed in creating long lasting lashes.

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Winner of NALA " Global Academy of the Year" 2 years running.

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FORBES Feature-"7 Female Execs Explain How To Make Your Brand Exude Confidence"

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Global Mentorship Award & Many other awards

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AusMumpreneur Winner "Global Brand"

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AusMumpreneur Winner "Hair & Beauty Business"

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ABIA Finalist - Trainer Category

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7-Figure Business Club

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Course Breakdown

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Introduction & Here is why your lashes don't last

>Welcome! Let me introduce myself and tell you about the main reasons why your client's lashes may not last.

>These reasons are the main factors when it comes to maintaining happy, returning customers that will recommend you to their friends.

LENGTH: 13 mins ( Includes 1 easy quiz question)

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Understanding Lash adhesive

>We will go over Adhesive 1:1, Chemistry and Composition, What effects adhesive and how to work under the perfect conditions;

>Correct storage and handling can prolong the life of your glue and also help you achieve the most long-lasting lashes.

>We will also cover porosity and why some lashes may look strong but are not, the most common myths most lash artists believe and how to solve problems as they occur, on the spot.

Without the overwhelm.

LENGTH: 50 Mins (Includes Quizzes)

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Correct adhesive use and application methods for great retention

>You'll learn about the perfect surfaces you can apply your glue to, as well as Dipping of Classic, hand-made Russian Volume, Pre-made Fans & Easy fan lashes.

>Discover easy to follow and fool-proof application methods will all types of lashes that will give you an amazing bond.

>I will also show you the "Weaving Method" for a seamless attachement that "hides" the natural lash within the fan.

>This trick will result in seamless looking lashes.

LENGTH: 56 Mins (Includes Quizzes)

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The 4 Rules of ATtachment

>You'll learn about the correct angles, sandwiching techniques, base attachement area needed, as well as how to attached certain curls to certain or difficult to work with natural lash curls.

>Most trainers never go in depth about these things that are so very important for long lasting lashes.

>We also speak about the newest L and M curls and how to work with them the most efficiently.

LENGTH: 18 mins (Includes Quizzes)

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Lash Prep and Product Knowledge

>Learn how to correctly, fast & easily clean and prep the client's natural lashes for a full set, as well as for a refill.

>We will go through the "secret" products that assist with long-lasting retention and cleansing, as well as the post care of the client.

>We will discuss why diet and PH are so important and why some lashes may simply slip off the natural lash as you apply them.

LENGTH: 20 mins (Includes Quizzes)

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Dealing with client's expEctatons

>You will a discover some simple yet effective ways on how to deal with client's expectations and complaints.

>Never loose a customer again, based on the wrong expectations of outcomes when it comes to full sets and refills.

>These methods and scripts will help you to never feel uncomfortable speaking to a client again.

LENGTH: 20 mins (Includes Quizzes)


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Learn how to retail products with ease.

Sign up beofre the times runs out and you will receive FULL Access to our separately sold online sales course, valued at $197 USD on its own.

Learn how to become a pro at recommending and selling retail products to your clients without that icky, "salesy" feeling.

"Retail is one of the best ways to make profits fast, without any extra time spent."

Intro- Why Sales, knowing your numbers

The Sales Process in a salon

Dealing with fear

The CPR Method

4 Steps to closing the sale

How to deal with objections

Stock. What and how to find it


You will receive a certificate

upon completion.

You will receive a certificate upon completion.

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Enjoy MORE Benefits when joining our Lash Tribe Family

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Access to membership platform

Password protected Modules and Lessons especially for you, all available 24/7 within your own membership platform laid out in an easy to follow structure.

Watch the Videos as many times as you like, rewind, rewatch, enjoy. From anywhere. At anytime.

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20% off our products for life

Enjoy 20% off for LIFE on any of the award winning Lash Tribe Products. We have an extensive range of professional lash products for beginners, intermediate and advanced lash artists.

We currently ship to over 4356 customers in 27 countries.

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24/7 On demand Support

When you join Lash Tribe, you will become part of our family and receive access to our VIP Support Group on FB.

Ask any application and retention related questions and join a community of like-minded lash experts from all over the globe.

When you join Lash Tribe you will be part of a global family.

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Are you ready?

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How much is the investment?

Up until now you were. only able to access this newly recorded information in my 1:1 private training, THE ELITE ACADEMY.

The membership for that is $4997 for 4 months and we have many members gladly pay that.

The next best option, which includes only PARTS of this training is the Classic Beginners in person training course.

The investment for that is $3497

But I am not going to charge you that much.

My Full Classic Online Course is the $797.

How much would you say is fair?


That would make it $398.50.

But again, I’m not going to even charge that much.

I know, times are tough, so I wanted to make something so "no-brainer" to help you in your lash journey and so good, that you will tell others about it as well.

A Win win.

Take the biggest step toward longer-lasting lashes, confident application and returning customers.

Get Unlimited Access to All Lessons + Bonuses

for a limited time at over 83% OFF, for:



(Payment in USD. Equals around 130 AUD)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I’m so confident that this course will make your sets last longer, that I am giving you a no-risk guarantee just for giving it a try. If you don’t feel like these lessons are working out for you, simply request a full refund within 14 days. No questions asked.

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